Spring Tower is LEED Gold Certified, Energy Conservation Building, Environmental Friendly

Spring Tower has been certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. The first energy-friendly and eco-friendly building in Ratchathewi This is a new economic area that is ready to grow in the future.

Mrs. Nalinee Ngamsettamas Chairman of the Board of Aspire One Co., Ltd. Spring Tower Project Operator Office building for rent at Ratchathewi Intersection Recently, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently certified Spring Tower to pass the Gold Certified Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating as the first energy-friendly and environmentally friendly building in Ratchathewi. Leed is one of the most widely accepted and widely used internationally.

According to the LEED benchmark, Spring Tower received an assessment score of 73 out of 80, according to the leed rating, divided into seven major categories: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, material and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation in operations, and regional priority areas.

Mrs. Nalinee said the company had set a goal from the start of the project that the Spring Tower must be certified as a green building in accordance with Leed standards in Gold Certified. Therefore, the consulting firm has presented the concept and developed the design of architecture, landscape architecture, system engineering, as well as consulting on the selection of materials to ensure the building is performing well and in line with its targets. As a result, the Spring Tower has unique features from other buildings in the same area. In terms of the convenient building sits in the service area of bts, Ratchathewi station and Airport Rail link, Phayathai Station, and in the future, the building will be the connecting point between BTS and MRT Orange Line, which supports reducing energy consumption in private cars and facilitating public transport users.

Reduce energy consumption by choosing high-performance LED bulbs, saving energy and installing sensor systems that reduce the operation of indoor lighting. When there is natural light coming inside the building, Reduce electricity consumption during the day Choose from air conditioning systems and high-performance temperature sensors to maximize indoor air management power. In terms of indoor air quality, high efficiency indoor air supply systems are installed, as well as merv13 air filters installed at all clean air supply systems, as well as reducing water use.

Spring Tower also has a sustainable green space that is open to the environment and surrounding communities. The building materials such as adhesives, grout, paints and coatings are environmentally friendly, and commissioning systems are always inspected in accordance with design standards to maintain the efficiency of building engineering systems (air conditioning, electrical systems).

However, Mrs. Nalinee said that businesses are now increasingly focused on the environment and energy savings within the office building. Like many businesses abroad, it is very active about this. The certification of Spring Tower will help both Thai and international business customers to believe and ensure that Spring Tower recognizes and takes into account environmental responsibility and is committed to continuously improving environmental operations in order to meet the highest customer satisfaction and satisfaction of the tenants.

Spring TowerThe project is operated by Aspire One Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Aira Property Public Company Limited. Located at Ratchathewi Intersection on 2 rai 3 ngan 97 sq.wah, a 27-storey grade A office building with an investment value of approximately 2,500 million baht. The target group is a multinational company : MNC and large business groups in Thailand. The building is currently open and has already signed up to 60% of the lease, and previously Spring Tower was awarded the Asia Pacific Property Award for 2018 – 2019 in design, office architecture from the International Property Awards.